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The Past Perfected

At Renner, we believe the best cars have the power to not only transport us geographically, but also transport us viscerally – inspiring emotions, elevating sensations and connecting us to memories – both old and new.

As children of the 80s, we grew up watching videos on MTV, playing games on Atari and switching between vinyl records and cassette tapes. Our heroes were Sonny Crocket, Michael Knight and Thomas Magnum. And our dreams were simple and steadfast… to drive a sportscar like those in the posters that lined our bedroom walls.

Today, you might be able to buy the latest model sportscar but with so many of the same cars on the road, it’s hard to feel like you’re driving something unique, special or collectible.

But what if we could bring back the cars we dreamed about in our youth? What if we could feel the same exhilaration and sense of freedom as the open road once inspired? What if we could build a car that connected us to our past and served as a personal reflection of our timeless style, collective values and uncompromising standards.

That is why we created Renner. To pay tribute to the iconic German sportscars of our youth while re-engineering it for the performance, technology, and comfort standards of today. We believe in preserving the maximum originality of each vehicle while making edits and enhancements to meet modern standards and personalize the vehicle to the collector.

Each Renner Projekt is customized and personalized for the collector; ensuring it is one-of-kind. Our limited production (each Projekt model is capped at 10 units) ensures the rarity and collectability of each vehicle. Renner Projekts are built by hand by master craftsmen and engineered by master technicians with over one hundred years of collective automotive experience.

At Renner, we’re not selling an image. We are manifesting a dream. Each Renner Projekt bridges the gap between yesterday and today and redraws the line between classic and modern. Simply said, Renner is the past perfected.

The Genesis of our Name

In German, “Renner” means “Racer.” This certainly aligns well with our  motorsports history — from F1 to touring cars, rally cars and European sportscars and exotics. But the word Renner is also a palindrome; meaning it’s a word that can be read the same backward as forward. Because each Renner Projekt inherently looks to both the past and the future, we found it fitting to direct the first and last letters of our name is opposite directions. No matter how you look at it or where you are, every Renner makes a singular, uncompromising statement. It always reads the same… Renner is a winning amalgamation of the past and the present… of iconic styling and legendary performance.


strategic partners

We believe great partners make great Projekts. This is why we only work with brands of the highest reputation that share our commitment to quality craftsmanship, elevated design and trusted performance. Original equipment parts and components will always be our first choice, but when design or engineering demand different specs, the following partners deliver.

HRE Wheels
Rowe Lubricants


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