Renner Projekt 8 Side-by-Side with 2019 BMW 850i (G15)

Renner Project 8 HRE Wheels

Renner Projekt 8 Side-by-Side with BMW G15 M850i Recently, @DavidNussbaum of Wheels Boutique — the largest dealer worldwide for HRE Performance Wheels — visited the Renner showroom in Miami, Florida. He brought along a 2019 BMW M850i (G15) and put it side-by-side with our Renner Projekt 8. Past, present and future overlap in this unique […]

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Renner Unveils Projekt 8 Prototype at Art Basel Event

Renner Projekt 8 Unveil - Art Basel

Celebrating the Best of Automotive Design, Motiv 2019 Event Becomes Stage for Renner Projekt 8 Reveal During During Miami Art Week The much anticipated Renner Projekt 8 prototype was unveiled this week at Motiv 2019 Event during Art Basel and Miami Art Week in Miami, Florida. The Projekt 8 is based on the E31 8-Series […]

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Projekt 8

Renner Projekt 8

RENNER PROJEKTS Renner Projekt 8 Built on the E31 8-Series chassis, the Projekt 8 remains true to the futuristic contour of the 1990s classic, but reimagines it with three modern engine options for superior performance. All options include updated power steering technology and a modern brake system; ensuring maximum comfort and safety.  Previous Next For […]

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Projekt 3

Renner Projekt 3

RENNER PROJEKTS Renner Projekt 3 The Projekt 3 is Renner’s modern refinement of the iconic E30 M3;  celebrating the unshakable stance and racing pedigree of this 1980s classic.  From champion racer to streetcar and back again. The Projekt 3 comes dressed with Evolution front spoiler and an adjustable rear wing. An infinite number of styling […]

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Projekt 5

Renner Projekt 5

RENNER PROJEKTS Renner Projekt 5 With the Projekt 5, Renner pays tribute to the E28 M5. Completely re-engineered,  the no-thrills German four-door of the 1980s converts into a thrilling capsule of power and nostalgia with an unapologetic boxy style.  Children of the 70s and 80s rejoice. Looking back, there really was a time when mass […]

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Projekt 5T

Renner Projekt 5T

RENNER PROJEKTS Renner Projekt 5t The Renner Projekt 5T (Touring) is based on the E34 M5 and brings all new street cred to what was once the “ultimate dad wagon” for Europeans in the early 1990s. Prototype launching Fall 2020 Engine Options E39 M5 S62 / V8 / 400 Hp E92 M3 S65 / V8 […]

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