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Renner Projekt 3

The Projekt 3 is Renner’s modern refinement of the iconic E30 M3;  celebrating the unshakable stance and racing pedigree of this 1980s classic. 

Renner Projekt3 - Photo by Larry Chen

From champion racer to streetcar and back again.

The Projekt 3 comes dressed with Evolution front spoiler and an adjustable rear wing. An infinite number of styling combinations are available. Remember, each Renner is limited in production and built-to-order for the collector lucky enough to add it to their collection.

Engine Options

  • E46 M3 S54 / I6 / 333 Hp
  • E39 M5 S62 / V8 / 400 Hp
  • E92 M3 S65 / V8 / 418 Hp
  • E60 M5 / V10 / 600+ Hp

The Renner Projekt 3 replaces the original S14 four-cylinder engine with four horse-heavy options, including a S54 engine from the E46 M3 of the early 2000s. An infinite number of styling combinations are available. 


Open to individual collectors, by invitation only.

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