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Renner Projekt 5

With the Projekt 5, Renner pays tribute to the E28 M5. Completely re-engineered,  the no-thrills German four-door of the 1980s converts into a thrilling capsule of power and nostalgia with an unapologetic boxy style. 

Renner Projekt 5

Children of the 70s and 80s rejoice.

Looking back, there really was a time when mass production didn’t mean cheap and replaceable. The E28 was a stalwart of European engineering from day one. But today, the Renner Projekt 5 is captivating the imagination of enthusiasts and collectors — both old and young — of what a four-door sports car can look and feel like. This re-imagined E28 preserves its original simplicity but delivers a whole new world of performance and technology for the modern age. 

Engine Options

  • E39 M5 S62 / V8 / 400 Hp
  • E92 M3 S65 / V8 / 418 Hp
  • E60 M5 / V10 / 500 Hp

Collectors can customize the Renner Projekt 5 with any one of three modern engines (V8 or V10); nearly doubling the E28’s original horsepower, all while ensuring fully-functioning power steering and climate control. Inside, numerous modern comforts are available, including Bluetooth, navigation and a state-of-the-art sound system.


Open to individual collectors, by invitation only.

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