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Renner Projekt 5t

The Renner Projekt 5T (Touring) is based on the E34 M5 and brings all new street cred to what was once the “ultimate dad wagon” for Europeans in the early 1990s.

Prototype launching Spring 2023

Engine Options

  • E39 M5 S62 / V8 / 400 Hp
  • E92 M3 S65 / V8 / 418 Hp
  • E60 M5 / V10 / 500 Hp

The Projekt 5T will soon be available in three different engine options for significantly more power and performance; getting you from the driveway to the soccer pitch in record time. Endless interior options allow collectors to make their Projekt 5T even more unique. All vehicles are built with modern brake systems for superior stopping power and uncompromising safety.


Open to individual collectors, by invitation only.

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