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Renner Projekt 8

Built on the E31 8-Series chassis, the Projekt 8 remains true to the futuristic contour of the 1990s classic, but reimagines it with three modern engine options for superior performance. All options include updated power steering technology and a modern brake system; ensuring maximum comfort and safety. 

Renner Projekt 8 - Photo by Larry Chen

For the driver who first fell in love with the car once known to be “ahead of its time,” the time has finally come.

Its silhouette has long been unmistakable. And now the E31 has performance to match. Whether admiring from a distance or sitting behind the wheel, the Renner Projekt 8 is both familiar and unlike anything on the road today. Collectors now have the opportunity to drive a timeless 90s classic with all the modern amenities imaginable; custom tailored to your preferences and aesthetic.   

Engine Options

  • E39 M5 S62 / V8 / 400 hp
  • E92 M3 S65 / V8 / 418 hp
  • E60 M5 / V10 / 500 hp

The Renner Projekt 8 fast-forwards to engine technology up to four generations ahead of the original, while making the vehicle fully functional and safe for the road. Four different powerplant options are available — each delivering a unique performance setting. 


Open to individual collectors, by invitation only.

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